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Benvenuti a Fondo?

February 16, 2021


Sul consiglio dello nostro buon amico di Fondo, ho scritto questo blog.

We live in a lovely part of northern Italy known as the Val di Non, between tall mountains, lush green forests, lakes and streams. Our home is located in the midst of this paradise in a small village known as Tret, which is a suburb of the larger village of Fondo. Having lived here for many years, we have learned quite a lot, not all of it good.

Of the 38 villages that dot our valley, the village of Fondo has the worst local government with the worst services and poorest rapport with its residents, especially those in our suburb (frazione) of Tret. Representatives from Fondo come to Tret very infrequently. Local Fondo politicians do arrive promptly before local elections to pander for votes. This aside, our small village of Tret is largely ignored except for the annual “tidying up” ahead of the tourist invasion in August.

Through the years, we have learned to accept the inadequacies of Fondo and its largely lazy politicians. Our water bills arrive three years in the rears, our electricity often vanishes without any warning and there is a general sense here in Tret that our “mother city” of Fondo simply doesn’t give a damn about us.

Over the years, I have searched for a proper metaphor that best exemplifies Fondo’s attitude. While driving the seven kilometers to Fondo two months ago, I finally found it. Alongside the state highway that separates Tret from Fondo, I happened upon a bag of shit (literally) that some local resident had hurled from their car. It was precariously caught by a tree limb near the pavement and it is still there as a testament to political problems and inaction here.

Not being one to mince words, I sent photos to our local government officials featuring the aforementioned plastic bag and its contents with the following words inscribed upon them: “Nulla dice ‘Benvenuti a Fondo’ come un sacco di merda…. vergogna!” (Nothing says “Welcome to Fondo” like a bag of shit…. shame!) I stand by my comments and hope that Fondo removes this embarrassing monument soon; they need to literally “get their shit together.”

PS – After posting this originally, the bag in question was indeed removed. Bravo!

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  1. Do the local government literally does know shit. Gun podty.

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  2. Vsii permalink

    Allen,This post isn’t going to make it easier to sell your house.Nello

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