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An Encounter At 3:15 PM

January 21, 2021

Those of you who know me well know that I am very grounded in the real world. While I may write fiction, I certainly never live in that world.

That being said, let me share an encounter I had at 3:15 Monday afternoon. I had just returned from yet another post-op doctor’s appointment, fresh with more not so encouraging news. It seems that if I am to survive at all, the road is going to be arduous to say the least.

The morning’s assault of blood tests, prodding, de-stapling and long drives through the snow had taken it out of me. When we got home, I had a very small lunch and announced that I was going back to bed. I started to drift off when I heard my wife answer the phone from a concerned neighbor. Then it happened…

As the sounds of a phone conversation faded from the kitchen, all became silent and still. I glanced over to the clock and it read 3:15. I could not hear those voices because of two other voices that forced their presence on me. First my father (deceased in 2001) said simply but emphatically, “Don’t go back!” I was shocked but silenced by the voice. Was it real? Yes, it most definitely was! What did he mean? I knew my mother must be nearby as well, Her voice was somewhat faded but came forward and stated firmly, “Stay there!”

In over seven decades, I have never experienced anything of this sort. It was honest, it was real and I found myself crying softly. I honestly believe that my departed parents had come to speak to me, to encourage me and tell me to fight on.

The takeaway is this: I have always loved my mother and father. Hocus pocus aside, I truly believe they visited me that afternoon. I will take their advice to heart!

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  1. I’ve had this kind of experience, too. There is more to life than this one reality. Fight on, friend!

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  2. Cosmic. Dude.

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  3. So interesting! Will be praying for you Allen!

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  4. Hang in there. All my best to you and yours.

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  5. I believe you. I usually don’t believe stuff like this, but I recently had a similar experience. I woke in the middle of the night, felt a “presence” at the foot of the bed. It seemed as soon as I was fully aware, I felt the “presence” leave. A family member had passed away the previous day. Once I was aware and felt the “presence” leave, I thought “Kathy.” I felt Kathy was there just seeing us one more time. Never had anything like that happen before. Take care, and have faith.

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  6. That must have felt comforting, Allen. Be well; hang in there!

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