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Martin And Martians

January 15, 2021

Years ago in San Fernando, California I had a childhood friend named Martin. He lived up the block and the two of us went through school together. We were great friends back then.

In junior high school we both became interested in science fiction movies and the people who made them. This interest also included emulating some of their work on our low budget scale. There was a movie called Invasion of the Saucermen which was about invaders from Mars. We were so taken with the movie that we sat about making our own Martian masks.  These were intricate masks made of paper mace, utilizing old electric cables that we pilfered from industrial trash bins combined with lots of hand painted details. We often set about at night in our neighborhood to scare the crap out of people by scratching at their windows with the masks in place. If we tried that today, we would be met with a hail of bullets to be sure.

We also made mummy masks and other little artifacts from science fiction movies, always trying to copy what we had seen on the screen. We both got pretty good at the craft. At the time there was a magazine called Famous Monsters of Filmland that was published by Forrest Ackerman. I forget why but we were invited to his house to meet many of the science fiction writers and movie makers of the day. I think we were 14 years old at the time. What a thrill! We met great minds like Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimoff and a host of others. As I recall, we took some of creations to the event and we were well received by everyone.

Over the years Martin and I have been mostly out of contact. We each went in different directions after school. Occasionally I’ll hear from him but it’s only once in awhile. A couple of years ago, I sent some of the photos of our creations from years past. He like me still has a soft spot for times gone by,

Martin and Martians – Both have a spot in my heart and mind that will not be forgotten.

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