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November 24, 2020


Friends are what keep us together in a civilized society. They fulfill the same role now as they did when groups of Neanderthals huddled together in their caves eons ago. They are the comfort in our daily lives and what in many cases keep us sane and healthy.

However, not all friends are the same. We must constantly examine our friendships to see into which of the following categories each belongs:

AcquaintancesThese are people we meet, usually in work or recreational situations. They are friendly, but often the relationships are not strong enough to merit the definition “friend.” We share activities such as opera, football or fishing with these individuals. These are comfortable people to have around. We see them just occasionally.

FriendsThese people are in fact friends. However, they usually have limits placed upon themselves that do not allow for much sacrifice or true understanding…

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  1. I so agree with your descriptions of the various levels of friends. I had two life long friends and lost one to cancer nine years ago. Still miss him.

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  2. Love this post, so reblogged it 😊💔

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  3. So true!

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  4. olive blankenship permalink

    I have two life long friends, and even though I haven’t seen one of them in quite a few years We are still close. The other one I finally saw recently and it was like we had never been apart for years. Some friends I’ve had I thought we were really good friends but they just disappeared with no explanation. The friends I have here are very close to me and I know I can count on them. Thanks for the post Allen. I wish you and Rachel a very happy Thanksgiving.


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