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Becoming Venezuela

November 19, 2020

We in the United States like to proudly put our noses high in the air and declare that we are the premier democracy in the entire world. Fine! On most days of the week, the pompous projection is bought for fact.

However, there was the recent Tuesday that glaringly showed the world that we are not in fact so pure and honest. For the past four years, Democrats have been obsessed with regaining power. Having cheated extensively in the 2016 election and then blaming everything from the full moon to Russia for their defeat, their Deep State operatives set about to ensure a full assault on our democracy. With four years of intense preparation, their plan came to fruition.

The cheating “plan” started four years ago with the development of algorithms that would help shift votes fraudulently in both small and large precincts in what were perceived as possible “swing states.” The seed money for this massive cheat was provided by George Soros, the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and news outlets collectively known as the MSM. Twitter and Facebook provided the censorship of fact checking and opposing views in what was very similar to what they do in Third Word Shitholes like Venezuela and North Korea.

To add insult to injury, supposedly unbiased parts of our government including the FBI, the Justice Department and the United States Congress all piled on in the effort to steal the election. Why? Simply put, Donald Trump presented a threat to the status quo of thieving politicians, government lackeys and their day to day graft. These folks longed for the good old days when a buck could be stolen in Ukraine, China and elsewhere without rebuke.

Who was left to defend democracy? Ordinary citizens who went to the polls in huge numbers but were eventually overcome by dead voters, illegal voters and pallets of ballots mysteriously “found in the dead of night.To call this process bull shit would be too kind. It was illegal, dishonest and the greatest effrontery to democracy ever witnessed on this planet. Sad? Yes! Dangerous? Definitely! Successful? We’ll see!

The upshot was for a biased media to declare a feeble old man President Elect in the midst of a complete vacuum of validity. They laughed and applauded in China, in North Korea and in most of Europe. We had become them and much worse; we had become Venezuela!

Where will we go from here? It is unlikely that the United States will admit to the world that we actually had a real fraudulent election with all of the holiday trimmings, the likes of which few in the world have seen. No, our trusted heads of state will rather sweep the whole affair under the rug and get back to business as usual. In years past, that solution may have worked. But this is 2020 and people will not put up with 1950s Chicago politics. There is this small thing called the internet and it cannot be controlled, not even by the likes of Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.

America is watching and growing very weary of the crap fest that was pawned off as a legitimate election. Of course, there are champions on the left, ANTIFA and the “free shit” crowd. There are even many Americans who simply just didn’t like President Trump’s personality. That was their prerogative. But make no doubt, the majority of Americans will not stand by idly and watch the future of our republic sacrificed for greed, power, lunacy and larceny. It ain’t going to happen folks!

Here’s is a blog post written way back on May 3, 2019 as a harbinger of things to come:

In whatever side of the political spectrum you reside, I would hope that as an American you would agree that election fraud is completely unacceptable. Otherwise, we have truly become Venezuela. The days ahead will not be pleasant. That much has been assured. The architects of this debacle would be well advised to find a very deep hole to hide in. Newton’s Third Law of Motion is about to set in!

  1. Where is the evidence?


  2. Not buying it Allen. The outcome of the election wasn’t a result of some dark conspiracy but rather a result of the fact that America is worse off now than it was four years ago, in any number of ways. Trump has accomplished nothing, he had no platform to run on and his campaign was one big hissy fit. For once, the person who got the most votes won, unlike in 2016. That is a triumph for democracy.

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  3. If it’s so easy to figure out, then present the evidence to a court of law. Unless you contend Trump appointed judges are in on it too. Giuliani is a joke as are the ridiculous allegations he makes without proof. Trump wants to make the US Venezuela by refusing to accept the results of a fair election.

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  4. rathbeg permalink

    I agree with absolutely everything you are saying.

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