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A World Language

November 18, 2020

Food for thought….


For many years I have been a proponent of a one language world. A single idiom would certainly make life easier on all of us all over the globe. If we all spoke one primary tongue, just think of the possibilities for improved communication and productivity! Currently almost everything from food ingredients to appliance instructions must be written, read and understood in a vast array of languages just to satisfy regional demands, no less world-wide needs. When you think about it, isn’t this a grand waste of time?

As our world has changed and modernized, the car has replaced the horse and computers have replaced the pen. Why not have a “world language” that replaces all of the others for official business and communication? We could all still retain our “first language” for the sake of heritage and culture. To a great extent, English has already fulfilled this need. But…

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  1. It’s true that English is the international language for business. I wonder if statistically if you counted ESL speakers of English (not just native speakers) if it wouldn’t come close to Chinese and Spanish in number of speakers. Just from my knowledge of Spanish and German, I can see that creating a new, universal language would be about impossible.

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