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October 30, 2020

Halloween is a strangely perverted day that has strayed so far from its original intent that it boggles the mind. Originally it was All Hollow’s Eve which celebrated the dead. It is still celebrated this way in Mexico and parts of Europe. But even in these reaches, it is steadily becoming the America version of door to door candy pandering.

I remember as a small child walking through my neighborhood with some ridiculous costume begging for candy. Back then the trick was as common as the treat, with many a window soaped. We always staked out one particular neighborhood of rich folks who gave away full-sized candy bars and even money. Oh yep, we hit these houses multiple times in one evening.

In junior high school a friend and I used to help the elementary school hold a haunted house for younger children. But even back then, I had seen relatives die and I wasn’t overly keen on perverting the last day in October. It seemed somehow, well, sacrilegious. I was still a kid myself and so I went ahead and dove into the pile of candy to somehow guarantee that someday in the future I would be the proud owner of tooth crowns.

In the 1970’s, I was forced into the whole Halloween thing once again as a single parent. Yes, children love the nonsense so I went along, only somewhat willingly. Then came the 1980’s and 1990’s when candy had to be taken to a local hospital and x-rayed because some perverted souls decided to place razor blades and other extreme hazards into kids’ candy. People like me used to gasp and exclaim, “Like there’s not enough problems in the world!”

Now we live in a Halloween world most of the year anyway so what does another night being weird really matter? The “holiday” as it’s now referred to has placed second behind Christmas for retailers looking to sell worthless junk to the public. Take a really close look at the crap stacked up in Walmart and elsewhere. Does your kid really need an inflatable Frankenstein on his front lawn? Or a talking skeleton who burps? We have finally gone bat shit crazy to the point where these Halloween characters probably have more sense than the general public.

Tomorrow, pause just a minute and reflect on what Halloween means to you. If you’re a candy crusher, go for it! If you have some reservations, turn the porch light out and watch a movie.

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  1. My husband has always been a Halloween Scrooge, but I had fun with it as long as we had a kid at home.

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  2. “ I was still a kid myself and so I went ahead and dove into the pile of candy to somehow guarantee that someday in the future I would be the proud owner of tooth crowns.” Great line!

    I loved dressing up for Halloween, even as a young adult. I can see that it might bother some people that it isn’t taken seriously as an homage to the departed. I don’t care for all the crap they sell, either, but I just watched a news video about a 2-year-old whose new best friend is the skeleton his parents bought to decorate for Halloween. Sweet, funny and a little sad, but he (the skeleton) isn’t likely to pass along any viruses.😉

    Of course, rather than a plastic skeleton, one should consider the environmentally safe, locally-sourced organic version.

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  3. I’ll be watching Dexter; very suitable for the occasion. Woooooooooooooo! 💀

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