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What’s In A Number?

October 17, 2020



So another year sneaked by and I barely noticed. That’s what happens when you become a mature adult. Great euphemism; it sounds like we’re taking about over ripe fruit hanging on a tree here. No, just another person heading down life’s scenic senior highway.

Anyway, when the big day rolled around, six people managed to remember: my wife, my brother, a couple of good friends and a cousin in Italy. The latter sent me an email with this image of Route 66 (the number of my years) and a short note that said, “Ciao Allen, tanti auguri da tutti noi, spero che tu stia bene con la schiena. Un forte abbraccio.” (best wishes from all of us, I hope your back is doing well, a strong hug.) The back reference was aimed at the spinal surgery I had two weeks prior. I dashed off a thank you note…

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  1. Happy Birthday, Allen! Woo hoo, seventy-two!😉🎉🎂

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  2. Wow, I wish I’d be as vital as you when I reach your years and still update my website as you do. Power on!

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