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L.A. Hustle

October 16, 2020

I wrote the song L.A. Hustle back in the 1970’s chiefly to voice my disgust with the Hollywood scene that I had worked in for years. But like so many songs I wrote, it is not all autobiographical. I never had a girlfriend named Suzy but I did work in the music business for many years.

Here is the back scene I wrote for my book, Three AM :

This song was a reflective piece I wrote in 1979, after achieving a good degree of commercial success in the music business. However, this success did not come without a price (everything does, you know). I had paid the price of having to live in Los Angeles, which I despised, and having to have accepted many people in my life that I did not want. There was always the business to pursue, morning, noon and night. I felt a bit that I had sold out. The devil definitely had a piece of my soul – But only a piece!

The line “Susie- Q.” is trite and it was supposed to be trite. The song was used as a vehicle to connect with the real world which was lacking in my life at the time. The song was performed by several local artists in the San Fernando Valley, including myself. It was demoed extensively, but never recorded by a major artist.

If you have ever lived in Los Angeles, you may identify with the lyrics. It’s been many years since I’ve lived in Los Angeles. In some strange way, I miss the place but in most ways I’m glad to have gone on down the road.

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    Love that 🎵 are an amazing writer.

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  3. Great job, Allen.

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