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A Song For Timmy

October 9, 2020

Years ago I wrote a song called A Song For Timmy. For the last four decades I have been asked if this song is autobiographical. In a word, no but let me explain how the songwriter’s mind works.

It was on a winter’s evening in 1979 when I sat down at my coffee table with my trusty Epiphone in hand to do a little light composing. I was just screwing around for about an hour and then my mind drifted back into time a bit about the things I generally regretted. I started wondering about those “what ifs” in life. Then I thought of a café in Bridgeport, California near the Nevada state line that I had visited years ago.

What came out was A Song For Timmy. No, I have never had a son named Timmy nor have I ever had a girlfriend or wife who worked as a waitress. It was simply a deep look into “what if” as I imagined what it would be like to have to loose a son. The line, “Timmy seems twice his age, he’s let those rough years show” was a deliberate attempt to show what it would be like to feel guilty over someone else’s outcome. I myself have never had those feelings. A songwriter often tries to put his head into someone else’s in order to tell a story.

The chorus’ tag line, “I guess I’ll find another door” set the mood of retrospective along with some small hope buried in the sad lyrics. Oddly, I did lose a son some 30 years after I wrote this song, not to death but to something much worse: Apathy on my son’s part. I now hear this song in a whole new light nearly 40 years after its completion.

Give it a listen and tell me what A Song For Timmy does for your retrospect.

You can find the complete lyrics to this song and many others in my book: Three A.M. – The Complete 1970’s Song Lyrics

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  1. Beautiful song with lovely but sad lyrics. I am sorry to hear about your disconnect with your son as that is of course heart breaking. I guess while I was listening which I did before I read your post, it made me think of a year when my daughter and I barely spoke. I thought it might be the end of me but we are extremely close and I think it was her way of leaving the nest, etc. Perhaps things will change for you and your son. It is never too late. You also have a very nice voice. Have a wonderful day my friend. ❤️Joni

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