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Cedar Thieves

September 25, 2020

I’ve always loved the west in so many ways. Although I now live in the east, I still have a great fondness for the people of the west and their direct approach to life. I guess I inherited this love from my grandfather, who was a true pioneer and unapologetic for his stern pioneering ways.

When you wander through life’s alley ways as much as I have, you sometimes forget your roots a bit. I was a music producer for years and as such, lulled into the soft Hollywood life a bit. The people there are like marshmallows: Soft, fluffy, sweet and full of air. Although I was successful in this environment, I never felt that it was “my bag” as we used to say. Sycophants rarely said what they felt, hoping only to score another track or writing credit. It was far from the world that I knew and loved and there was no sagebrush in the air in Hollywood.

When I was remarried in 1982, my life returned to its prior orbit. I was me again and with it came a new energy from the past, that of being from the west and all of its directness in purpose. We moved to Oregon and there we found the type of folks we could identify with. These were plain spoken people with a love for the outdoors. We lived on the southern Oregon Coast before moving inland to Eugene. Throughout that corridor, we always found nice, plain spoken folks who had a genuine appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Sometimes on life’s bumpy highway you need a little reminder of which direction you truly seek. As if a great affirmation from above, we encountered the above sign on a walk through the woods on the Oregon coast. Ah, it was so refreshing to see someone put their real feelings into words. I like honesty and direct speech so very much!

  • A little side note: On the Oregon coast there has always been an alarming amount of cedar tree thieves who steal the trees to make clocks and other tourist items. This has been a problem since the hippie invasion in the 1970’s. Local ranchers and farmers aren’t kidding. They will shoot!

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One Comment
  1. It is amazing that people can get away with stealing trees. I’ll bet it makes a lot more noise than rustling cattle or horses!

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