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Tales from the Tirol – Part 3 of 6

September 15, 2020

Third Installment.


This is the third installment of Tales from the Tirol.

If you follow this blog, you know I am not a one trick pony; that is to say, I do not write continuously and exclusively in one genre. My fifty-five plus years as a  professional author have produced diverse material that has included poetry, music lyrics, drama, short stories and non-fiction pieces spanning subjects from ancient coins to surfing. However, all of this writing has had one thing in common: it has all been presented in the English language to a largely American readership.

When my wife Rachel and I moved to the South Tirol region of Italy, our first task was to gain linguistic parity, or at least competency in our new languages of Italian, German and Nones. German was no sweat as I had been a bilingual English-German reader, speaker and writer for decades. Italian and…

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  1. An amazing amount of work! I’m glad it has found appreciative audiences in two languages.

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