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Beyond Oz

September 3, 2020

Looking back this morning…


I have always liked The Wizard of Oz, both the book and the movie. Together they taught me in my formative youth that almost anything is possible and I have often quoted Dorothy with her final line, “There’s no place like home!”

However, witches and munchkins aside, I have often mused at what lies beyond Oz. For much of my life, I have explored this boundary between what is and what might be. It’s a wonderful place, that border town on the back streets of the mind. In the end, all things are possible, but they do not come to hand without hard work, determination and even a little humor.

In 1962, my leg was so severely broken that I was told I would never walk again without crutches;at best I’d be in a wheelchair. That’s the wrong thing to tell a kid of 14 years. I rebelled at…

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