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Where Are They Now?

August 21, 2020

We all have those great little photos from our youth that we gaze upon every now and then. They bring both delight and curiosity. If these photos contain people, we inevitably ask, “Where are they now?”

Consider the photograph below. I took it with a Brownie Box Camera in 1964 at Arroyo Secos State Park in Southern California. We were all surfers back then. After a day in the water, some of our motley bunch sat together in the fading sun and the picture was snapped. Now memories are fading like that setting sun.

I have the photo tagged in my computer simply as “Secos Gang – 1964.” Of course when I look at the picture carefully, I always wonder about the fates of those who were my friends over a half century ago. I did some digging and here’s what I found:

Top Row (l to r)

Bill Shanks – Living in Washington and still surfing.

Jimmy Dorn – Whereabouts unknown.

Darwin Dorn – Deceased.

Jay Eddy – Was living in California and not surfing. Deceased 2019.

Bottom Row (l to r)

Jesse Marvin – Living in Oregon and still surfing.

Jerry Gulliver – Deceased.

Danny Cashman  – Living in California and not surfing.

Old photos often stir the soul like nothing else. Where are they now? That’s a good question we should all ask from time to time.

PS – The shirt is that of the Rising Sons Surf Club, circa 1964.

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  1. My first blog posts came about because of the stories I learned by asking about my mother and grandmother’s old photos. A lot more than meets the eye!

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  2. Old phots are always an interesting trip down memory lane. You’ve managed to find out about your old gang. I’ve not had so much success. It’s difficult with women who may change last names. And when they start out with names like Karen Davis and Julie Wilson, that much harder!

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  3. I grew up on a small block with 5 boys and 10 girls – all within 4 years apart of each other. I often think about ‘where are they now’. I only know about a few.

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