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What Is Your Limit?

July 17, 2020

We all have to accept a certain amount of aggravation in life. It cannot be avoided. However each of us has a limit of how much nonsense we will accept.

Me, I used to be in the middle somewhere. My Catholic and Tirolean upbringing taught me to turn the other cheek and have patience with everybody and everything. On the whole, I suppose it worked well enough for me for most of my life. Yes, I would blow-up at times but for the main, I was even tempered and accepted all most of the BS that was thrown at me from time to time.

However, age does funny things to a person. After about the age of 55, I started being less and less able to handle aggravation, especially of the bureaucratic kind. It started off slowly and built into the limit I have today, which is practically zero. I have become bullshit intolerant. Let me explain.

To be sure, my BS quotient was elevated by moving to Italy years ago. Here people are expected to put up and shut up. That never really was my style to start with so I found that putting up with total nonsense was actually having the reverse affect. Some things like closing all stores each Monday, Thursday afternoon and between the hours of noon and 3:30 just don’t make any sense so my frustration slowly grew. If I was a kid of 20, I suppose I would have simply gone to sleep for those three and a half hours but again, I’m not a kid.

When I moved back to the states several years ago, I found that I had the same intolerance for nonsense there as well. Why did I have to pay for utilities all year when I spent half that time in Italy? Why couldn’t a millennial at the market make change without a smart phone to guide them through it?  Why had everything doubled in price in my absence? Why did my bank have to run me through Interpol just to buy a house? All of these questions and many more finally took their toll to the point where my patience was nil.

When you combine such things with the need to see doctors way more often, you become a little grumpy to put it delicately. I have found my limit and it is precisely zero.

So what is your limit?

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  1. My tolerance is about the same as yours. The collective politicalization of almost everything has not helped.

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  2. I think about whether I’ll care about it in 10 years. Age helps. ha

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    • Thinking ten years in advance would only depress me. Carpe Diem!


    • Valerie Wilson permalink

      Oh, how I can relate to this post. I am Scottish and want to remain in the Union with the rest of the UK. So Sturgeon using COVID-19 as a weapon to further her quest for independence drives me nuts. She’d be better concentrating on opening the hospitals that lie empty, taking care of the economy etc.instead of running cap in hand to UK govt., she despises, begging for cash. At 60 my tolerance in sub-zero.

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  3. I thought it was just me.😂 Fortunately, I’ve learned to avoid most situations like this. When something irritates me, I ask my husband to take care of it! His progression has been the opposite of yours.

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  4. My threshold is about the same as yours. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to highlight the failure of the bureaucracy to address real crises. These are times to try men’s souls.

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  5. Healthcare was one of the reasons I left America and moved to Italy, so I’d say my limit was an $800 a month premium.

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