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The Ice Cream Man Cometh Not

June 20, 2020

🎵Here comes the ice cream man🎵


The Ice Cream Man Cometh Not (with apologies to Eugene O’Neill).

I’m hoping that someone besides me remembers the ice cream trucks from the 1950’s and 1960’s. They are a delightful piece of Americana that has completely disappeared.

When I was a child (no it wasn’t in the Triassic Era), we had ice cream trucks that drove up and down the streets of rural America peddling ice cream to waiting throngs of children. Sometimes even the adults patiently awaited the truck’s arrival. These trucks had bells that alerted the public to their arrival from a block away. Their timetable was so regular that you could set a watch by them. Occasionally you would be lucky enough to buy an ice cream bar that had a free stick in the middle of it. That entitled you to a free ice cream bar. The gimmick was so effective that I remember buying…

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  1. I wish one would toddle down The Holler roads right now….I would toddle out and make some purchases!

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  2. Can’t forget Mr. Softee, the ice cream truck where I lived. I remember the music the truck played and how kids’ eyes lit up when they heard it.

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  3. olive blankenship permalink

    I loved the Good Humor man!

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  4. I well remember the ice cream truck! Thanks for reviving the memories.

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