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The Godfather’s Priest?

June 3, 2020

Photographs are memories. I have a great many (15,000 plus) tucked away in my archives. Most portray days gone by when photographs were held in high esteem. They were once not merely snapshots of everyday living. From these photographs I have been able to draw a better understanding of my family and their lives. Photographs can form a collective memory of individuals that lasts a long time. In most cases this is a good thing. However….

The photograph that I frequently use for my online presence is one that was taken for the 25th anniversary of my marriage to my lovely wife. For this photo, we were both dressed in traditional Tirolean attire and I thought my individual photo looked fine until a couple of years ago.

My brother was on a Skype call to me in Italy from Mexico when he inquired about this photo. “Why are you dressed like a priest?” he asked. I explained Tirolean fashion at length to little avail. He was struck by the photo and concluded our call by stating flatly that I looked like the Godfather’s priest. (I suppose it was the lack of a coat collar.)


I have thought about that conversation a lot and I do hope that I will be remembered more for being a writer than looking like the Godfather’s priest. But just in case, “Vi benedetto!”

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  1. Recently I’ve wished I’d taken photos of everything things, like my mother hanging laundry on the clothesline at the farm. Even doing dishes at the kitchen sink, wearing an apron. Guess I’ll just have to visit those memories, and I should try to capture them in words, shouldn’t I? Maybe time for you to get a new “author photo”?

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    • Fortunately I have thousand of photos from my childhood and youth, most of them like you describe. We have been digitizing them. Our computer currently has 16,000 photos – Whew!


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