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Lunedi Senza Parole #49

May 25, 2020

Indovina dove! Guess where!
Foto © Allen E. Rizzi

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  1. This the master (bastion) and walkway of an old castle. Northern Italy would be my guess, but could be Austria or Germany. Am I right?

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  2. It is not the Habsburg imperial coat of arms because the eagle has only one head and no crown. But it could still be that side of the family…

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  3. You got me curious:

    Esto nobis, Domine, Turris fortitudinis

    That is a medieval Gregorian chant, used also to accompany the Crusaders. That phrase is written in many places, Paris, Toulouse, Benevento, St. Galen, Zurich, even London.

    Now up to you…. I’m curious

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