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Neues Wiener Konservatorium: Ein Blick zurück aus Amerika

May 4, 2020

Back in October of 2014, I posted that I had started work in earnest to write a book that is very dear to my heart. Here’s that post:

Well, after years of researching, writing and re-writing, I have completed the book and it is now available in e-book format both in English an German. The paperback should be out next week.

New Vienna Conservatory – A Look Back From America chronicles the founding, history and demise of the most prestigious music school in all of Europe during the 20th century. Pairing its history with the life of young violin virtuoso Gene Rizzi, the school, its students and teachers are brought back to life for generations of new aspiring musicians. Richly appointed with photographs from the 1920s and 1930s, this book explores the rich musical life of pre-war Vienna and its eventual fall to Nazism and racism. Suggested as a “must read” for any serious music student or music historian.

The English version is here:

Neues Wiener Konservatorium – Ein Blick zurück aus Amerika berichtet über die Gründung, Geschichte und den Niedergang der renommiertesten Musikschule Europas im 20. Jahrhundert. Die Schule, ihre Schüler und Lehrer verbinden ihre Geschichte mit dem Leben des jungen Geigenvirtuosen Gene Rizzi und werden für Generationen neuer aufstrebender Musiker wieder zum Leben erweckt. Dieses Buch ist reich mit Fotografien aus den 1920er und 1930er Jahren ausgestattet und untersucht das reiche Musikleben der Vorkriegszeit in Wien und seinen möglichen Fall von Nationalsozialismus und Rassismus. Empfohlen als “Muss” für jeden ernsthaften Musikstudenten oder Musikhistoriker.

The German version is here:

This has indeed been a labor of love. It is my sincere wish that you enjoy this book, especially as it is likely the last book that I will write. Give it a read and let me know what you think! Many thanks!

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