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When Cats Are Too Smart

April 16, 2020

When cats are too smart…


According to researchers at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, the physical structure of the brains of humans and cats is very similar. Generally, most agree that cats are intelligent and capable of learning new behavior. But what about when cats are too smart?

Take the cat in the above photo. Jessie was her name. She learned about every trick in the book and then some. But never trust a cat that can change the TV channel to a bird show! Jessie also knew how to turn a fresh-baked pie upside down on the floor and then eat the whole damn thing with her cohort, our dog Smokey. They were like the Poncho and Lefty of our kitchen for years.

As a general observer of the human condition, I firmly believe that no mere mammal should be smarter than human beings. That said, I have had my beliefs turned upside…

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  1. Hehe. Had a cat for a dozen plus years. I left the door opened to my lanai slightly so she could go in and out at will. She was great at keeping anything that didn’t belong in here outside. One day I cam home and found a fairly large snake in my bedroom. Cat was sitting next to it, alternating looking at it and looking at me. “Well? aren’t you going to do anything cat? There’s a snake in here!”

    Cat looked at me with that wise cat look.

    Her look said very plainly to me – “Yes, I know boss. But I don’t do snakes!! You gonna do something?”


    Best regards.

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  2. I loved it when I had cats.

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  3. Yeah, cats are small but they know how to use their brain! lol!

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