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Old Movies

April 11, 2020

Saturday morning thoughts:


Why do people consistently want to watch old movies?

There is no one answer but here’s a few that I have come up on my own and by talking with friends, both young and old:

Old movies had substance. Their themes were often universal as was their appeal. There was generally a lot of meat on the bones for the audience to digest.

Old Movies had great actors. These were people who had staying power in the business and were not like today’s flash in the pan “movie stars” who become unknown after a season. Most were household names.

Old movies employed real locations for their shooting and were not completely shot “on set.” This allowed the viewer to see places they would never visit. (Ironically, I once lived in Agoura, California where 90% of the old westerns were filmed.)

Old movies were often shot in black and white (even…

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  1. They watch the old movies because back then they were original, with novel ideas and plots. Each movie could have a multitude of big stars in it, whereby now, the actors and actresses demand too much for a salary + a part of the profits!!

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