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Why I Don’t Go To The Movies

April 7, 2020

As Passover approaches, I thought this was apropos:


I grew up loving the movies. Perhaps it was just instinct or the fact that my father was an actor. Who knows? I would go every chance I had, usually to Saturday matinees. When I was a child (again, not in the Triassic Era), my parents would turn me loose to go to the movies for an entire day. It required a walk of about one half mile and back in the 1950s it did not pose a risk of being murdered, mugged or terrorized.

Once we entered the theater, my friends and I felt liberated. For 25 cents, we could watch a serial or newsreel and a double feature. To boot, the theater didn’t mind at all if we stayed and watched the whole affair over again for another one or two times. We obeyed the rules of the ushers (yes, they had ushers back then) as we spent…

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  1. All that may be true but I love going to the movies and go as much as ever, sometimes two or three times a week. I have no interest in watching movies on my phone or my tablet, my TV or the back of an airplane seat. Give me the big screen and the booming surround sound. So many films lose so much by being squeezed on to personal screens. I’ll just show up at the last minute to avoid the endless ads and previews.

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