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High School

April 1, 2020

Looking back today.


We’ve all pretty much been there – High School. This eternal crucible is where most of us get our true start in life. Our high school experiences mold us into the people who we are to become more than any other experience in our lives.

As we enter high school, we are usually immature children who need a lot of growing up. We usually get that and a whole lot more during our years in high school. I certainly did. When I entered high school. I was still using crutches after a really badly broken leg which left my tibia in over 200 pieces. I was a bit shy and constantly bullied because of my perceived handicap. My whole life needed changing and I set out to do just that.

Finding that I needed to regain my physicality, I turned to surfing for physical therapy. I also embraced the sport…

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    Interesting. I started high school on crutches, also. I had a very serious cut on my calf that went to the bone from an incident while riding my dirt bike. I was also bullied for being on crutches. Once I got tired of the bullying and unwrapped the bandage on my leg and showed the group of kids bothering me the would. Some of the nearly threw up. It was really quite gross even after being stitched up. That’s were the similarities end. I have zero fond memories of high school. I hated it. I started working for an artisan woodworked the summer between my sophomore and junior year. I transferred to night school my junior year, worked during the day and went to classes at night. Night school was better because it mostly had adults. I dropped out of high school at the end of my junior year when I was 16. I got a much better education building furniture and learning various construction skills. I scored high enough on my ACT to go to the university and ended with a master’s degree.

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