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What Is Your First Memory?

March 17, 2020

I just remembered this post… 🙄


What is your first memory? I mean your very first memory, the very first thing you can recall from your past.

Our minds are capable to remembering things from a long, long time ago. However, everyone’s memory seems to have different limitations on how far back they go. Some can remember things from their infancy and others only recall their lives beginning at various ages in childhood, often in grade school. Still others seem to block everything out before a certain point. Where do you fit in?

Personally, I can recall quite vividly stomping on cockroaches in Des Moines, Iowa when I was very, very young. How young? According to my mother, I was six months old and just learning how to walk. I recall the basement of the house where we lived. It had a grated drain in the middle of the room where an old washing machine was located…

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  1. All is well with you?

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    • Everything is fine except for the nutty people in the markets. We can’t return to Italy for quite awhile – 中國病毒

      So, what’s your first memory?

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  2. I do remember my first walk. I learned to walk by myself, because I was the last one of 5, and nobody had time for me. And probably because my mother kept repeating it.
    We were in her bedroom and she was making the bed, she had left me standing next to a chair for equilibrium, and I decided that I wanted to get something, so I went and got it.
    Somehow, I’m convinced that when she marveled at my new skill, I thought: “what’s the big deal? I could have done it earlier if I wanted.”

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  3. Ciao, buona giornata

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