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Leap Year

February 28, 2020

Yep, tomorrow is February 29 and that means another leap year. The leap year is a mathematical invention to correct the incremental inaccuracy of the Julian Calendar. That whole 365 days a year thing just doesn’t prove out over the longer term so the calendar needed a little tweaking. Applying some further pretzel logic to the whole idea, here are some things to consider for tomorrow:

  • If you’re turning 40 tomorrow, you’ll actually be only ten years old. Your pants are too long.
  • If you’ll be married 40 years tomorrow, you’ll only be married for ten years. There’s still hope.
  • If you were sentenced to 40 years in prison 40 years ago, you should have gotten out 30 years ago.
  • You can sleep in tomorrow and you won’t really miss a thing.
  • If your one year CD matures tomorrow, better check with your bank. They may extend your one year term for another four years.
  • You can cancel all of your appointments tomorrow without guilt. No one will remember next year.
  • Leap year works like withholding tax, You need to wait forever to get it back,
  • You lost six hours in each of the last 4 years so don’t panic: It’s party time!

In the end, it’s just another day. Enjoy it and know you may have bagged a bargain.

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  1. Fun post.

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  2. KiM permalink

    It looks like we got snow for our extra day. How nice it’d be to stay inside and read all day.

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