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Valley Cowboys?

February 25, 2020

Surf’s Up!


The following article was originally written for the online site Surf Crazy in an effort to define and defend what Valley Cowboys were in the surfing world of the 1960s. It is being reprinted here for the general public.

In the 1960s there were indeed many of us from the San Fernando Valley in the water at any given time. We embraced the sport as boldly as those who lived on the beach. Yes, we were envious of our beach friends even to the point where many of us later moved to the beach. I lived for a short while in El Portal near Manhattan, California and later in Santa Barbara just to be closer to the ocean. Most of us fit in quite well because we were great surfers and good sportsmen. There were definitely rivalries between coastal and valley surf clubs but nothing nasty that I can remember…

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  1. Interesting surfer times compared to now. And the California beaches are a great stretch of water. There was enough clean beach water for everyone!🤔

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