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Venison Albondigas Soup

February 16, 2020

Since I had an antelope omelette this morning I thought this was worth re-posting.


Since my wife and I both come from mixed cultures, our cooking often reflects our blend of cultures and foods. For years, while living in Southern California, my wife made Albondigas Soup. Essentially, it is a Mexican meatball soup served in a vegetable broth. However, the version served in California restaurants is usually the clear broth variety, offering little authentic taste.

After improving the Southern California recipe, we moved to Oregon where it was perfected. After 16 years of eating Albondigas Soup there, we moved to Northern Italy. This region is not famous for Mexican dishes but rather for its game based cuisine. Again, because we are multi-cultured, we improvise a lot! In the land of the Tirol, meat is meat and is in short supply with the exception of venison and elk.

After relocating back to the United States, we put our experience to the test. My wife cameā€¦

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