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February 5, 2020

I was practicing my Native-American Siksika (Blackfoot) and thought of this post. Enjoy!


March 21, 2017 marked the 400th anniversary of the death and funeral of Pocahontas at Gravesend, England. Although her history has been largely obliterated by idiotic Disney cartoons and comparisons with Senator Elizabeth Warren, a little true narrative is due on this occasion.

Historians have estimated Pocahontas’ birth year as around 1595 at Werowocomoco, Virginia. Very few records of the life of Pocahontas remain. The only contemporary portrait is Simon van de Passe’s engraving of 1616. Later portraits often portray her as more European in appearance. Her birth name was Matoaka and she was born to Algonquin chief Powhatan. Pocahontas was a nickname she inherited as a child, meaning “playful.” She was also called Amonute. In a well-known historical anecdote she saved the life of English colonist John Smith by placing her head upon his own at the moment of his execution. This story appears to modern day historians as…

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    Excellent narrative. I have never paid much attention to Pocahontas. We have our local history of the Spanish, Pueblo tribes, Apache and Navajo.

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  2. Purtroppo io sono tra quelle bambine di allora che Videro il film di Walt Disney su la piccola Pocahontas.
    Poi mia madre in tempi successivi mi regalò un libro molto più attendibile sulla sua vita.


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    • In effetti ho visto lo stesso film. Essendo un vecchio professore di storia, mi rivolgo ai fatti anziché alla finzione. La sua vita era faticosa ma scarsamente documentata.

      Ti auguro una fantastica settimana. Qui piove così forte che potremmo aver bisogno di una barca per scendere da questa montagna. 😉🚣‍♂️


      • Da noi io abito a Roma vento fortissimo da 3 giorni è alberi caduti in piena città.
        Brutta situazione in tutta Italia.

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