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Lunedi Senza Parole #33

February 3, 2020

Indovina dove! Guess where!
Foto © Allen E. Rizzi

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    This reminds me about the time we drove from Madrid, Spain to Macerata, Italy with a friend from the Canarias. The first restroom stop we made in France, our friend came running out of the toilet screaming about how she thought she was going down. As it turned out, that was the first hole in the floor toilet she had ever used (I had a hard time believing that), and when she stood up to pull up her pants it flush from three sides and freaked her out. We came across some pretty strange fixtures and restroom arrangements at rest stops in southern France.

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  2. Eeeek! Squatty potty! Hate those. Only time I ever used one was in Italy, on our bike tour near the Po. They had these in one restroom at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, but I took a pass.

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    • I love the expression “Squatty Potty!” You have to be a gymnast for sure. This one was from Revo, Italy – 1999. It has since been replaced.

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  3. Somewhere in Italy where there are still the “Vespasiani”, the squat toilets introduced by the Emperor Vespasiano. Although, slightly impractical, with the right improvements they may be better than the current ones, where one gets shared too many surfaces with everybody else’s.
    Also, for regular daily needs, the squatting position is healthier than the sitting one, as it improves ….
    Well you know what I’m saying ….

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