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The Best Dog Ever

January 30, 2020

Remembering Smokey this morning as I often do.


People often ask me and my wife why we don’t have a dog. The answer is simple really: We had the best dog ever and that was more than enough for a lifetime.

It was May, 1986 when my wife and I visited the animal shelter in Agoura, California. We spotted a dog that was among 13 sired by a Labrador Retriever. There were two mothers involved, both Australian Shepherds. Of the 13, my wife immediately lit on one because he was “spunky.” We took the 8 week old pup home and were asked by our son if we had rescued a Harbor Seal. We named him Smokey. The color fit and so did the name. Little did we know that our blue merle Australian Shepherd mix Smokey would be our companion for nearly 17 years.

In the first weeks with our new dog, we would have to walk him…

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    Smokey was a wonderful dog. We haven’t had a dog in over 30 years. But we have lots of cats, a couple of birds and a large snake, plus all the wild critters the cats bring in.

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  2. It took ages for me to get over loosing Buddie..

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  3. I certainly understand and still haven’t had what it takes to try and replace my sweet Boo Boo boy…

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  4. I understand the pain and the sorrow behind losing an amazing animal.
    May God offer him peace! ^^

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