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Waiting For The Dawn

December 26, 2019

A little post-Christmas fun!


Many years ago I was a successful songwriter in busy Southern California. I was also young and impetuous, often penning song lyrics drawn from personal battles in love where I saw both victory and defeat. I call the former my happy songs and the latter my sad songs.

The 1970s were full of both so I was very successful dealing from both the top and bottom of the emotional deck. My writing often occupied the wee hours of the morning when I had both the time and the right frame of mind to compose. One song from the bottom of the deck was “Waiting For The Dawn.” It was, as the lyrics indicate, written at two in the morning during a time in my life that often saw me scribbling away at odd hours. It turned out to be commercially viable for me in the end. I still love the…

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  1. The music composition is so amazing!

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