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A Menorah In Appalachia

December 21, 2019

Happy Hanukkah – חנוכה שמח


It seemed like such a simple task. After years of burning my fingers and scraping wax off of delicately carved brass, I decided to invest in a modern electronic Menorah for the holidays. Simple is never what it seems.

We had seen one advertised on the Home Depot website so we visited our local store. I inquired. “Menorah? What’s that?” was the reply from the salesman. I explained. He looked bewildered. He checked his online app after I spelled Menorah for him and he said with a sigh, “Wow, that’s really beautiful but we only sell them online.” My wife’s eyes puffed a bit. “That’s okay,” I ventured. “Perhaps we could take a Rudolph the red nosed Goy instead.” The joke fell on deaf ears. Oh well, I thought, we are in Appalachia after all.

“If we were in Ft. Lauderdale, the shelves would be full of Menorahs,” I mused…

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  1. Nice to see they have ones that are electronic even if they don’t have one local in your area.

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  2. The Maghen David is instead famous everywhere but It’s the Menorah the Symbol of Judaism💙
    חג שמח 🕎

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  3. Best not to buy Chinese made anyway.

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  4. I saw this on the Jewish War Veterans of the USA Facebook page, a Happy Hanukah from space –

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  5. You did have me chuckling, and I´m Christian Priest….

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  6. OKONKWO BEN CHINEDU permalink

    Nice one

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