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Lago di Garda – Lake Of Lakes

October 30, 2019

Talking with friends from Italy today and they reminded me to re-post this. Enjoy!


Lago di Garda is Italy’s largest but perhaps not best known lake. It sits just north of Verona and extends northward toward the Italian Alps with a total length of almost 52 kilometers. When one thinks of lakes in Italy, Lake Garda’s neighbors Como and Maggiore often come to mind. These are located further west, but like Garda are fed from waters flowing south out of the mountains.

Lago di Garda was formed in the last ice age when huge glaciers pushed southward toward what is now the Po Plain. At one time, the lake was actually a fjord of the distant Adriatic Sea. Today it is one of the grandest jewels in all of Italy and a frequent tourist destination for Europeans. But what about Americans? Although a few Americans do find their way to its shores, Lago di Garda is often overlooked as Americans often travel between Milan…

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  1. Rather than a “brake pedal,” we used bike pedals to reach the lake on our ride from Bolzano to Venice. We enjoyed a very scenic boat ride from the north to the south end, but unfortunately did not get to see the sights around the lake up close.

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