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Be Kind To Yourself

October 21, 2019

Since I was playing this one tonight, I thought I would reblog – Be kind to yourself out there!


Here’s another of my songs from the past. Be Kind To Yourself was written in 1979 and is included in my book, Three A,M, – The Complete 1970s Song Lyrics.

The lyrics have sort of become a personal mantra of mine throughout the years. Take a read and a listen and see if you don’t agree.

Be Kind To Yourself
© 1979 Allen E. Rizzi

V1 Thanks for the words that you left at my door;
They must have been hard to compose….
But if you’re running away to find a new day,
Open your love, don’t bring it to a close….

Brdg. Instr.

V2 If you’re looking for love, laughter and life,
Be sure that your eyes really see….
And after awhile when you learn how to smile,
You’ll find that love is the key….

Ch. Be kind to yourself….
Let your circles widen with every day;
Be kind…

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  1. It’s wonderful.
    In the future could I use some of your songs in my classes at the University of the Third Age?

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  2. Loving this, A! 🙂

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