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Fly Away

October 16, 2019

Was feeling a little crushed today and then I remembered this song that I wrote. 😊


A long, long time ago, I wrote a song called Fly Away. It embraced what I felt at the time were determinations that would shape my life, namely to explore life to its fullest and not just simply do what was expected of me. Some 40 plus years later, I still feel the same about those determinations. I have traveled most of the world, shared nearly four decades of exploration with a wonderful woman and learned to find a reason to be happy every day.

Ironic how time often just reinforces our feelings rather than changing them. Indeed, β€œthe moon reached out and bit me on the shoulder, lit a lamp light deep inside.” The song is still one of my favorites.

Here’s the song in its original 1977 pre-production demo form:

For the complete lyrics, read Three A.M. – The Complete 1970s Lyrics. Three A.M.

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  1. I savored your “I Remember Nonna” early this morning. “Cold brick and warm love” especially endearing, and seeing your father weep. My daughter-in-law just lost her Nonna not long ago. Yes, from northern Italy after the war.

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