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Of Mice and Men and Voltoren

October 2, 2019

I hark back to 2014 before my successful back surgery. Here is the preamble. (BTW – That iron rod is called a “pal d’fer” in our dialect. 😎


Over a month ago I severely injured my back here in Italy while repairing a wooden fence that had been destroyed by last winter’s six meters (18 feet) of snow. No, obviously we don’t live in southern Italy but the rather in its most northern extreme. Repairing the fence first required “bucci” (holes) for the fence posts. However, here in the Dolomites there is a layer of hard rock just below the soil. This meant that I first had to borrow a tool to break the rock. I can’t pronounce the name of this tool but it is an enormous length of iron sharpened to a point and weighing about 60 pounds.

Okay, so far so good. I got pretty handy with this massive steel rod as I learned how to draw it up in front of my face and then plunge it earthward with all of my force. Each…

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  1. I sympathize. No surgery, but I have had abad back for a few years. Been contained with therapy, sleeping sideways with a cushion between my knees, and Tramadol. I also avoid cars as much as I can, over half an hour is bad.
    Glad to hear your surgery was successful.

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  2. Thanks. I had a double discectomy and a triple laminectomy along with the clean-up of an exploded disc. The good news is that I can still walk.


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