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Lunedi Senza Parole #14

September 23, 2019

Indovina dove! Guess where!
Foto © Allen E. Rizzi

(Hint: This is the house my father lived in from 1929-1932)


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  1. I’m afraid every Italian city has a building like this one. 😉


    • You’re right but this photo was not taken in Italy. This is the house on Glassergasse, 2 in Vienna’s 9th district where my father lived while a student with the Neues Wiener Konservatorium. He was later Concert Master with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The building is featured in my latest book about this famous music school.

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      • Wow! Congratulations on such an intellectual family. I bet it was a privilege to be Concert Master in Vienna back then.
        Vienna is such a splendid town.

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  2. Excellent.

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