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The Blog That Will Survive

September 13, 2019

As anyone who reads my blog already knows, I publish a new post every Monday and Friday at noon. I have done this for years and will continue for many more, I hope.

However, today I will share a little secret with you. I write my posts to cover a period of at least 48 months in advance. I then alter the post dates to accommodate breaking news, timely entries and posts that just can’t wait? Why do I do this? There are several reasons.

First, I am a very prolific writer who always seems to have too much to say. I don’t want to bore any of you to death with posts that prattle on for thousands of words. I believe in brevity and try to spread my thoughts out over several entries rather than just one big tome.

The second reason is to simply seize the moment and write on subjects that compel me. These posts may well not be the most important in the whole scheme of things but they will surely deserve a place in the future. I like to think ahead. In the end, it’s called economy in writing.

The last reason is much more practical. As I am now officially enrolled in geezerdom, I am keenly aware that time is not forever. That dude with the cloak and sickle is lurking nearby. I write many blog posts in advance in the good humored knowledge that they may well appear after I’m gone. My smile is devilishly turned-up as I imagine you reading this or another entry long after I am no longer able to write. Cruel? No, just a little morbid fun from an old guy who never misses the humor in any instance.

This will leave all of you to ask yourselves at some time, “Did he write this on Friday, years earlier or is he already gone?” I would insert a smiley here but I couldn’t find one big enough.

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  1. Interestingly ghoulish.

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  2. Allen, you made my day. I have really enjoyed your post. I think that your approach both to life and that is what we all should have. Now we are here but who knows? And it can happen despite our age! I use to schedule post as well but never 48 months in advance. I would love to arrive at that point! It would mean that I have finally finished to empty my mobile memory (that is an endless job!) as I use my blog as a storage room for good memories! And with regards to synthesis, I quote you, sometimes I don’t even write, just post pictures! 😂

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  3. Oggi va di moda il Thriller e con il tuo finale ironico ( è bellissimo possedere La dote della autoironia soprattutto) hai posto in essere un giallo.

    Ognuno di noi ha un suo modo di tenere e ordinare il suo blog tu ci hai dato la tua versione.

    Purtroppo come Noterai dalle mie sporadiche presenze le mie giornate sono piuttosto intensi anche se piacevolmente ed il blog è l’ultimo punto di arrivo Dunque il tempo va ripartito tra gli amici e le amiche.


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  4. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are a prolific writer! That is a lot of posts to write ahead of time. I am impressed!

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  5. Well, well! You are still with us right now, aren’t you?
    In any case long life to you.

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  6. It just occurred to me that we would need to comment every entry you make just to make sure you are still with us.

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  7. Guess we’ll know for sure when you don’t respond to comments! Good job getting such a jump on the schedule!

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  8. KiM permalink

    I have several drafts started on subjects that I don’t want to forget to post about… but finished post, Nope. Occasionally I’ll schedule one for a future date but it’s only when I have too much going on at once and I don’t want to over-post people in a short time. Pet-related recalls aside. Although, I may go back and take my long overdue several subjects combined post that I haven’t wrapped up and make it into several posts so I don’t “bore any of you to death with posts that prattle on for thousands of words.”

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  9. I’ve got 24 posts scheduled ahead, but 72 in draft form. Guess I’m at the age that I should just get those finished!

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  10. It also happens to me to schedule some posts in advance
    This means that we may be like the stars, whose light comes to us long after they are extinguisheg

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  11. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Fun thoughts for a Sunday…


  12. Wow! 48 months! I’m pretty happy when I have the next two or three weeks covered.

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