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I’ll Drink To That!

July 26, 2019

Here in the Tirol people tend to drink a bit… well okay, a lot!

We’re not talking just alcohol but every imaginable liquid under the sun. The first morning ritual is the coffee. It is like the scene from The Godfather II; everyone plays with their coffee, stopping just short of making love to it. Me? I just belt one down! I prefer macchiato which literally means stained (with milk). I enjoyed that for years until my doctors put me on the forbidden decaf diet. I still manage to make a decaf taste good by grinding my own decaf French roast beans and cheating with a bit of cream.

Then there is obligatory morning juice. You take your pick but it must be fruit juice of some sort. We tend toward apple juice hereabouts as we grow tons of this stuff and some must be consumed locally. Personally, I prefer Sicilian Blood Orange juice. (Ma mama mia, non sono terrone!)

Having finished with breakfast, it’s onto lunch and this is where the alcohol thing kicks in for most people. Typically hereabouts it’s red wine. I prefer beer. (Mein Gott, Ich bin kein Deutscher aber mochst ich bier.) Some local residents start a bit earlier, say 9 AM and continue on into the wee hours of the next morning. It’s a thing here in the mountains. We usually attend their funerals, one by one each year. We are conservative but enjoy a glass, well maybe two, with lunch.

The main course at dinner is – you guessed it – wine! This usually accompanies a meal and is followed by grappa. Let me give you a true story to illustrate. A friend comes to dinner at our house at 7 PM. The three of us drink a bottle of white wine before dinner along with a few appetizers. Dinner is served and we drink another bottle, this time red wine (usually high quality – Barolo, Ripaso, etc.). We then chase down a coffee with a grappa and usually wind up consuming at least a half bottle before we part company at midnight. Sound excessive? Not really! It’s just the what we do things in this part of the planet. And do you know what? I’ll drink to that!

Photo: Empty beer glass in the right hand. empty Aperol Spritz in the middle and a grappa in the left hand. 😎

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  1. Viva l’Italia

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  2. Alcohol–an international language unto itself. Do you indulge in one of my favorite Italian beverage, Lemoncello? BTW loved and totally related to this post. I’m of German extraction on my father’s side and am the only one in the family who does not like beer. If I did not resemble my father so strongly, I would have to wonder if I belonged to the mailman or the milkman.

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    • Sì, adoriamo il limoncello ma solo sul lago di Garda. 😉
      Ein Deutscher, der kein Bier mag, ist wie ein Italiener, der keine Pasta mag. 😎🍺


  3. Great post! Celebrating life is a wonderful thing! I start my day with coffee, but drink a lot of it again after lunch. 🙂 Wine is an excellent beverage! You certainly live in a place that has great wine…you are blessed with an abundance of good things! 🙂

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  4. Nunc est bibendum! 🍷🍷🍷

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  5. Sounds relaxing and good fun, too. I like me some wine in the evening.

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  6. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Happy New year!

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