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Books Now In Paperback

June 21, 2019

After publishing my 10 books in digital format through Amazon Kindle, I almost always received some complaints from people like me who would rather have a physical book in their hand. Yes, it’s true; it’s hard to snuggle up with a computer, tablet or cell phone. Got it!

Recently, I went through a great deal of work to put most of my books in paperback editions. They are now available here:

The choices are wide: A novella about our first year living in Italy, a poetry anthology, a full novel about the 1970’s music business, a novella that defines the grit and attitudes that made our country great, my song lyrics anthology and a study of an antique cemetery in Italy. I have also written expanded digital editions that include tales from the 1960’s surfing scene and a sensitive treatment about how we trade places with our parents as we age along with other fly fishing stories.

So no more excuses my dear friends! Two are even available in audio format. I’ve got to run. I am editing my next book in German: Neues Wiener Konservatorium – Ein Blick zurück aus Amerika. It should be out this fall in both German and English.

I expect to see lots of additional sales soon! 😊


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  1. Many congrats! Wishing you joy & success!

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  2. Super, Allen- congratulations!

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  3. It is great.You sound so cultured and educated . You have great creative writings well.

    Best wishes


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