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RU Miseducated? – LOL

June 18, 2019

After another week of dealing with the bereft of mind, this old post came to mind….


Well into my sixth decade on this planet, I have to say I am really disappointed with the miseducation of today’s young people. It’s really not an old person thing, so I probably should leave out the part about six decades; it’s a today problem and one that affects all of us.

A few years back, a young dinner guest hit me with a barrage of LOL over dinner. Like many of her age, she likes to ride older people for being stupid and out of touch. She thought I didn’t know what LOL meant. I did. However, when I asked her if she knew how to spell the word laughing, I was greeted with silence and the very facial expression that sums up today’s education experience in America: Vacuous.

Over the last few years, I learned that today’s young people are woefully lacking in communication skills. Most can…

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  1. I have to agree with you especially on the need for communication skills. Reminds me of my last few years teaching when I was constantly asking students to turn off their mobile phones. There is no communication without listening I would tell them. Wasted breath, I feel!

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  2. I know, but you have to realize that we’re starting to specialize as a society. No longer can a rounded education touch on everything. People know about stars on TV, prices at the restaurant they work at, and some are better than a GPS when you want to do something special.

    We need better direction, however.

    I went into HS having an elementary education. I was in special ed and most of the teachers gave us the answers just to get rid of us. I went to a degree mill essentially and learned very little. I tried other online schools and found it useless minus MIZZOU (who taught me how to study with direction).

    I don’t know what to do. I thought that maybe we should be like New York and have a Regent’s test to prove we have sufficient knowledge for HS and can move on. People are not being directed these days, too many tears and corrupt dollars. College is a joke. In a serious school, I’m a C student, but I made 110% in Astronomy and recently, I know, asked if Mars would stop the sun with its iron once it expanded?

    You already know that all this education is often fake for cash.

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