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I Remember Nonna

June 16, 2019

Mentre attraversavo il villaggio di mia nonna oggi, ho ricordato questo poema. 😢


Un’altra poema scritta in Val di Non, Italia dal mio libro Prescriptions from the Rhyme Doctor:


I Remember Nonna
© 2001 Allen E. Rizzi

I remember the face,
Old, very old;
Graced by God
In a life that was not.

I remember the voice,
Not quite sure;
In a new country’s tongue.

I remember the church,
The center
Of all life
With cold brick and warm love.

I remember the day,
Nonna died;
The first time
I saw my father crying.

I remember nonna,
Through the haze of time.

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  1. Davvero emozionante: un bel tributo alla nonna ❤

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  2. ellem63 permalink

    That’s so touching, Allen.

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    • Thank you. She had a tough life. Her husband died when he was 38 and her daughter died a few months later at 14 (both heart attacks). She then lost her sizable holdings in Austria after WW I and wound up going back to the U.S. and living penniless with my uncle. All the while, she never gave up on the church.

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      • ellem63 permalink

        I’m glad she had such strong faith in God! Her personal strength and faith in God carried her through. Her story would make a wonderful biography!

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  3. Allen, a very moving, emotive beautiful penning.

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