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Internet In The Alps

June 13, 2019

Well, we still have that lovely mobile hot spot and the same experience – READ ON!


Ah, the simple things we take for granted in the United States. Almost everyone has tons of internet access at speeds that range anywhere from 6MPS to over a 100MPS. It’s what we call “normal.” We may be a bit spoiled though.

To be sure, internet speeds can be comparable in Italy, if you live in the city. We, on the other hand, have been treated to the underbelly of the internet where we live in the Italian Alps. The reason? We live in a super rural section of the mountainous South Tirol where an internet connection of any kind is a luxury and an extremely poor connection is the norm.

When we first moved to Italy, all that we had available was a dial-up connection through our rural phone line. The top download rate was 14KPS – YES KPS! We once downloaded a Windows update that took several days…

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  1. The situation in Italy is better than here in the Alps. Optic fiber is present in Italy. Here, the province has made agreements with Telecom to have optical fiber, but in fact at the moment it is present in the larger cities. I personally use a High Wi-Fi connection from a nearby mountain, and navigate between 20 and 30 mb / s

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    • They are installing fiber optic in the valley below us. However, I will be long dead before we have it available here above a tint village in Trento Province.

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  2. I have been following this for a long time, who knows when it will be

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