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To Obese Or Not To Obese

March 29, 2019

This concludes a three post series about the American people:

To obese or not to obese – That is America’s question.

Whether ’tis nobler in the butt to suffer
The fries and sides and outrageous hamburgers
Or to take arms against a sea of sodas
And by opposing end them. To die, to sleep in cardiac arrest…

Hamlet aside, it really boils down to some pretty basic decisions. Do Americans want to be healthy or the obese, heart attack waiting to happen dolts they often appear to be? Do they want to line-up at fast food portals or use some common sense in their eating habits? Personally, I got out of the fast food cue over five decades ago and I never looked back. But what about my countrymen?

Americans are recognized the world over for being over weight, fat or whatever other euphemism you would like to apply. Basically, we are an obese nation in need of exercise and proper nutrition. We have been hearing this din for decades and yet we don’t seem to listen.

If you wear a medium or large shirt, good luck in finding one at any store. The selection has increasingly been narrowed (pun intended) to XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. These sizes should be simply replaced with way big, super big, humongous, and outrageous. As Mr. T would say, “Pity the poor fool who’s looking for a normal size!” This applies to men and women. It’s sad that most Americans need to cover themselves with the equivalent of two table cloths!

The optimum exercise that most of us receive is that brief pulse we use to tap our smart phones. Things like walking, running and lifting have largely been discarded in favor of sitting, standing and eating. No wonder we look like a nation of Hostess Snoballs! The 44 ounce soft drink has replaced water and has become super portable to boot. Look around in any store, airport, football game or public gathering and you’ll sure to see what I mean. We have two-fister soda guzzlers everywhere! Add the chips, fast food and frozen meals and the reality of the situation becomes as scary a 400 pound Walmart shopper on the prowl at the in-store McDonalds.

We do have a choice in all of this if we would only listen to our medical community or even ourselves for that matter. No one wants to be obese, right? Well, maybe and maybe not. Being obese seems to be becoming an American norm and one that is all too often accepted as inevitable. We now have TV programs featuring and glamorizing the obese. Many people are plain fat and proud of it. We have made obesity on the same par as underprivileged and hundreds of other protected classes of our citizenry.

The next time you find yourself going to the 5XL rack with a three quart Coke and pork rinds in your hands, you may want to ponder the question: To Obese Or Not To Obese.

A little PS for any doubters: I have never been obese but I have been to the funerals of dozens who were.

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  1. It’s hard for me to dine out, even at a nice restaurant, because the portions are enormous. I can share a meal or even an appetizer and be satisfied. By myself, forget it! I quit drinking sodas as a teen and don’t regret it a bit.

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  2. ellem63 permalink

    Things are just as bad here in the u.k. I love the terms you used for sizing, especially humongous and outrageous! That made me laugh. ☺

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  3. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Tuesday morning thoughts….


  4. yes, on the other hand – when poverty reigns and the money one has to feed 5 means choosing 3 for a $1 boxes of mac and cheese, and making it with water (instead of milk) or ordering off the Value menu, or walking to the store nearest to you that sells quick food for low prices?

    Abundance and immediate gratification for a life in the fast lane lifestyle does cause obesity – on the other hand?

    So does poverty – so does the degradation, demise and disruption of local food systems – so does subsidies for some crops and some ways of agriculture and not for others – so does the monopolization of certain industries – –

    Unrelenting, every day, low levels of stress? Adds to it to….
    Lack of sleep – high levels of corstisol – the mind and soul’s dependency on sugar, nicotine, caffeine and other stimulants to keep on ‘going’ once the adrenal glands and other bodily functions have been exhausted – –

    Once a period of extreme hits in one or many of these ways is established as daily life for many?

    Well – saying ‘cut out the junk food, exercise more and you won’t have these problems’ – is akin to trying to empty the ocean with a soup spoon, to me – so, while I AGREE! I also express my opinion, “it’s not always that easy – once one is caught in this cycle or that’ to rectify –

    Simple, but not always easy, given where one is at, what they have and what they can do, RIGHT NOW!

    While health degrades all around us and we see the fall out – it still bears remembering, at least to me, all the pieces that go into the obesity and chronic health issues – not just junk food and lack of exercise –

    But, then, I am passionate about these topics and fully admit my bias on such fronts – sigh – I was PROFOUNDLY impacted by what I experienced in my own life, through experiences in regaining my health from those who met me where I was at and counseled me on incremental changes I could make, on my time/resource budget available at the time.

    And then – I was greatly, also impacted by my own journey of small changes that built up over 20+ years and enabled me to survive the financial hits to my little life during the COVID fallout – at least on the food front – not so much the ‘no stress on financial fronts’ areas – but…well….LOL

    And if you’re interested – here’s another ‘link’ in the chain of my ‘currently held beliefs’ – that I first went through the sessions of when I was recovering from a devastating health hit, they never could explain ‘why’ or point to the cause, definitively –

    Professor Kelly D. Brownell – Open Yale Course – “The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food”

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    • I believe that everyone can control their weight and that poverty or social status is not the culprit but usually just the excuse.

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      • Fair enough – will remember in future to curb my commentary on such things, as I’m perfectly fine in agreeing that we shall disagree on this front and so many other fronts on which to learn/share with each other! Thank you for your gracious and candid response!

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  5. KiM permalink

    While I agree, for the most part, thyroid and metabolism issues can play a part. My shirt size has always been an XL even when I weighed 90lbs in high school. We don’t do fast food, except for the occasional pizza, actually, we mostly eat home-cooked meals. I drink water after my pot of coffee and although we don’t do gym-type exercise we do hike, work in the yard and build our homes. I do enjoy ice cream and chocolate but some people’s genetics do play a role. Every time we build, I lose 20+ lbs, only for it to rush back as soon as I’m not moving 12 plus hour days 6 days a week. Which, is not sustainable if you need to get office work done -or want to sleep. So, while I agree it’s not as easy for everyone to not carry more weight than would be ideal.

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