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Mellow Man

February 12, 2019

This post and song from May 8, 2015 came into my mind today. I thought it was worth sharing as I’m feeling mellow today. 😎


Here’s another of my songs from the late 1970s, along with the back scene as it appeared in my book, Three A.m – The Complete 1970s Song Lyrics.

This song has always been a favorite of mine as it was written at a time when I finally found that my struggles as a song writer had finally produced some success.

Mellow Man
© 1978 Allen E. Rizzi

V1 Well, you go away,
And you get it right….
You wake up one day,
You are a mellow man….

V2 Your empty glass
Has been filled again….
And you let it pour,
You are a mellow man….

Ch Mellow man, are you really listening?
Mellow man, do you really care?
Mellow man, are you finally loving?
Mellow man, with your feet up in the air.


V3 Your heart is light,
And your head’s away….
You take to bed at night

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  1. Hai fatto bene a ricordare questo tuo lontano 8 maggio : è un piacere per me 🌹😍

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  2. ✨💞✨💞✨

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  3. Nasuko permalink

    Nice!! 😀

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