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Near Fatal Accident

February 1, 2019

Some things in life are just totally unexpected.

Monday, my wife and I were driving back from the gym heading toward our house. We had a good workout and we were looking forward to a late lunch and the warmth of our home.

About three blocks from the house as we passed the golf course, I heard a terrible loud boom. In one gigantic motion a pine limb came through our windshield butt end first. The blow was so severe that I had glass shot into my face like a cannon. I instinctively stopped the car to see if my wife was alright. Seeing the limb protruding 10 inches into our car in front of my wife’s head, I feared the worst. Fortunately she had her visor down at the time and was spared any injuries from the wood and glass.

Not wanting to block the narrow two lane road, I slowly drove the car home and into our garage. When I got out, filled with glass fragments, I was totally amazed. The tree limb trailed over the back of our car some twelve feet. Glass had shot past my head into the rear of the car, where it filled every crevice. My vehicle resembled a stunt car from a crime scene shootout sequence.

My first action was to ensure my wife and I were okay. She was fine but I had considerable glass in my right eye. I carefully flushed it with warm water several times and we both took a shower to remove most of the small glass shards. I then called the insurance company and arranged for the windshield to be replaced and assess other damage. Finally I called a neighbor for the mad dash to the eye doctor.

On our way to the ophthalmologist, we stopped and spoke to the manager of the golf course to let him know that a part of one of his trees had come down on us. They assured me they would take care of the expenses so we proceeded to the doctor’s office. Although it was a few minutes before five, the door was locked. I pounded on the door a few times and a nurse answered. They were kind enough to bring me in and start an eye exam as they recalled the ophthalmologist from home. Fortunately, he is also a personal friend. After a thorough exam and treatment, they felt there was no more glass in my eye and sent me on my way.

Shock is something I’ve rarely if ever experienced in my life. However, when we got home, I definitely went into shock. Indeed, we had come very close to getting killed. With the knowledge that we were relatively okay and with the help of a bottle of wine, we went off to bed. It was a restless sleep but it was very good to see the morning light.

I felt terrible the next day. The physical and mental trauma had taken their toll. I was up early and anxiously awaited the mobile windshield replacement professionals.  They carefully removed the tree limb, replaced the glass and cleaned-up most of the broken glass before it started to snow. I was pleased to see my car relatively whole again. Yes, there was a slight dent and a scratch on the dash. The fancy rear view mirror with its compass had also been knocked out of commission. And yes, there was still a mini mountain  of glass to vacuum up.

As I dug into the insurance aspects for real and talked to the golf course about covering my expenses, I couldn’t help constantly coming back to once big important fact: Rachel and I were still alive. All the insurance and money in the world can’t replace that simple fact.

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  1. Vsii permalink

    Wow!!! Seems a miracle took place that you were not injured. Hopefully you will get over the trauma quickly. Nello

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  2. Good God, Allen, what can anyone say? Thank goodness everything turned out for the better.
    God bless and take care, Paul!

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  3. Whew! What an ordeal–right out of the blue. I’m glad you and your wife are okay. Celia

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    • Thanks for commenting Celia. We certainly dodged a bullet. We’re okay, just a little shook up still.


  4. Nasuko permalink

    Your right eye is OK❓😢

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  5. KiM permalink

    WOW. I switched into the wrong lane on Thursday to keep from driving right under a large limb laying suspended on other smaller limbs on Allen Road, near the Elizebeth House. I wonder who I could call about that? I’m so glad you both are physically okay. I stepped thru the ridge vent on a roof that hubby and I were shingling. I kept hold of both tabs of shingles but it sat me down hard when the gap got too narrow for more of my leg to go through. After hubby helped me up and off the roof, the only damaged was scrapes and bruises but I started crying after I was safe on solid ground just from the surprise of how quick it happened. Had it been closer to the edge it would’ve been worse. I’m glad the golf course has said they’ll do what is right.

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  6. You’re both being watched over. Thankful all ok. I volunteer on the town ambulance and have seen a couple of accidents such as this-not pretty. Stay well.

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  7. oh che orribile spavento e tutto sommato Siete stati davvero molto fortunati!

    Shera 💙

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  8. Un mese fa una mia compaesana mentre tornava a casa con la figlia ha investito un cinghiale, distrutto l’auto e sono finite entrambi all’ospedale per una settimana. Passo sempre nella stessa strada per andare a lavorare, riprendersi da uno shock così non è facile. Sono contento che a voi sia andato tutto per il meglio.

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    • Grazie. Questo è stato il mio primo incidente di qualsiasi tipo in tutta la mia vita. Siamo stati davvero fortunati. Un cinghiale è buono solo nel piatto. 😉


  9. olive blankenship permalink

    How terrible! I’m glad you’re both ok.

    Sent from my iPad


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  10. Woow this is scary, I also drive to/from gym at night, and I pass by many old trees, I should be careful next time.. but you never know. Sorry to hear that and happy to hear that you guys are safe. Blessing!✨

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  11. Sorry to hear about your accident. Very glad you and your wife arr OK and the golf course will pay damages. Obviously it could have been much worse and what a hassle to have to deal with.

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    • We should be finished with the financial aspects this week. The important thing is that we’re both still here to talk about it.

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  12. Congratulations.. your blog is included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thank you, Chris

    It certainly would have shaken you, at the least… these things don’t really seem real till all the ‘paperwork’ is over, as the adrenaline is still running. Give yourself time to relax and then put it aside… Writing about it is very cathartic…it helps to set it aside.

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  13. My God, this was nothing short of a miracle. Glad you’re both ok.

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