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The Fear Of Dying In Walmart

December 26, 2018

As the Christmas shopping season comes to an end, I offer this post from a year ago. Tomorrow I’ll be back with my regular schedule.


Everyone has a phobia or two. Mine is dying in a Walmart. I always imagine cashing out in the presence of all those Walmartians – yikes, it makes my hair stand up!

Over the years, when I must, I enter a Walmart very cautiously for this reason. First I check at the entrance to be sure the greeter isn’t wearing a hooded robe and carrying a sickle. If it’s just another challenged person, I feel I’m good to go. But once I am fully immersed in the Walmart experience, my anxieties begin to come in waves.

First there is the questionable clientele. Actually, that’s an awfully nice way of describing the average Walmart shopper. Usually, the clientele is comprised of overly aggressive, self-absorbed psychopaths who range from demented seniors to the criminally stupid teenagers. What they all seem to have in common is scale smashing obesity and the desire to…

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  1. Excellent.

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  2. Still Out of Rome for Christmas Holiday…


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    • That video was totally cool! Enjoy Rome and say hello to my friend Caesar at the forum.


      • Be sure… Ave Caesar !!!

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      • I must shamefully admit that I wasn’t familiar with much of David Garrett’s work.. You have made me a fan. Thanks! My father was Concert Master for the Vienna Philharmonic in the early 1930’s so I appreciate David’s violin technique all the more. Di nuovo, Buon Anno!


      • CHAPEAU to yr Father !
        I suggest you to search on the web
        “Il violinista del del Diavolo” on Paganini life.
        David Garrett is quite perfect in playing Paganini role.


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      • you may see it on youtube channel


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  3. Nasuko permalink

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