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Cotton Candy Dreams

December 20, 2018

Another re-blogged post, this time from March 13, 2015. I am re-posting some of my favorites this week. Enjoy!


Cotton Candy Dreams is one of the many songs I wrote commercially back in the late 1970s. Its lyrics are straightforward and metaphoric, a lovely blend of what I thought was sweet and sad back in 1977. I have always been more than a little partial to this song and it has always brought a sad little smile to my face. Time rolled by and in 2014 this song’s lyrics were included in my songwriting anthology, Three A.M. – The Complete 1970s Song Lyrics. ( May 2014) Here are the lyrics with the back scene that I wrote for the song in 2010:

Cotton Candy Dreams
© 1977 Allen E. Rizzi

(V1) Cotton candy dreams…. in your eyes;
The tears go by to your surprise.
Young girl holdin’ on to love and dreams;
Never turns out the way it seems….

(V2) Sponge cake afternoons, they’re all gone;
Friends and…

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