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Animal Cruelty

August 10, 2018

Animal cruelty – Everyone seems to condemn it and yet it continues to grow in our society at an alarming rate. Why?

Just last night, I saw a report on television about a dog that was chained and dragged from a pick-up truck by two of our errant morons here in North Carolina. Why? Kicks! It seems that many people these days just aren’t stimulated enough by everyday kind s of things; they need a double dose of caffeine and something really nuts to get their blood moving, It’s pathetic but becoming all too common.

People who torture animals seem to have a deep-seated psychopathology that will someday erupt into far worse violence against people. We see this time after time. The mass shooter often got his start shooting dogs and cats or dismembering small birds. It’s a sickness to be sure and one that needs intervention at an early age. Notice that I said intervention and not coddling. Intervention can be education or ultimately incarceration. Young people need to be taught how to deal humanely with animals from an early age. Flagrant offenders need to be in jail.

Then there are those who abuse animals but don’t actually know they’re doing something wrong. It can be something as innocent as forgetting to leave fresh water for your cat while you’re at work. Chaining up dogs seems to top the list in this category. Psychologists like to make excuses for these folks. I prefer to just call them stupid. Leaving your dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up rates right up their with the old douche bag who put her motor home on cruise control and went aft to make some coffee. As it is often said about Walmartians, “You can’t fix stupid.” However, you can and should punish animal abusers! Whether animal cruelty is perpetrated out of malice, stupidity or neglect, the consequences are all the same: Innocent animals suffer at the hands of people who should know better.

If you have small children, please educate them to respect animals and their health and to prevent cruelty. Take a look at the top ten ways to prevent animal cruelty in the above photo. Next, lead by example. Last, the next time you see a dog in a hot car with the windows rolled up, call the police. The dog will be glad you did!

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  1. Animal abusers are total low-lifes. They should be subjected to whatever they’ve done to the animals.

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