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Musical Migrants

June 29, 2018

The migrant dilemma in Europe has finally hit a ludicrous and overdue crescendo. After years of unbridled illegal immigration courtesy of Germany’s Angela Merkel, the tide has decisively changed. What started out as an all out welcome mat by Germany has become a poor man’s rendition of musical migrants.

With the influx of hundreds of thousands of economic migrants, the EU has finally, begrudgingly accepted the fact that all of Africa and the Mid-East cannot be transported to Europe. There simply isn’t enough space, money and will to make this impossibility happen. The average EU resident has been embittered by overly generous benefits to often undeserving immigrants who won’t respect the language, culture, religion and even the eating habits of their host countries. This author has seen firsthand that migrants often throw away food given to them by local “do-gooders.” They bark that they can’t eat such stuff (as opposed to not eating at all in their homelands?) Most illegal immigrants also receive 35 Euro a day per head, a free smart phone, lodging, free healthcare and other benefits. When compared to what legitimate EU residents receive, it is a frustrating and pathetic quandary for the local populace.

Germany was the chief sponsor of illegal migration for years. France followed suit until they realized they couldn’t have half of Africa living under Paris bridges. It is only recently that both the German public and government have said in one loud voice, “genug!” This, combined with the fact that Greece and Italy were both used as dumping grounds for migrants, has given Europe a need to rethink their policy. Indeed, Italy recently joined Hungary, Austria  and several other countries in opposing unchecked immigration. Germany’s foreign minister piled on as well, adding that he supported “closing the borders.” The result: Frau Merkel is toast!

During the whole ugly process migrants have been shifted from Greece to Italy to France to Spain in an unending game of musical migrants. The “not in my back yard” mentality prevails. If one sovereign country says no, their neighbors pile on but of course they don’t want them either. Where will this game end? The EU favors the court process which would take years and years. There are more populist minds afoot who see the honest need to stop all illegal immigration from Africa and the Middle East all together. In the meantime, honest, hard working EU citizens must put up with pan handling in front of every supermarket, higher taxes, lower benefits and slowly collapsing economies.

Musical migrants? Probably not for much longer!

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  1. If the current climate here in the US is any indication, we may soon be faced with a similar crisis. Apparently, our learning curve is not sharp enough . . .

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  2. Our learning curve must be too sharp. That’s why we’ve gone off the rails.


  3. I agree that illegal immigrants should not be receiving government benefits. Are all the immigrants you refer to actually illegal? Are some of them refugees seeking asylum? Are some legal immigrants? I read recently that the tide of refugees from Syria and other places, heading to Europe, has slowed to a trickle. Certainly the ones that made it to Europe will take some time to assimilate and be absorbed into communities. Likely the children will fare better at making the transition.
    So where can I find the stats to see just how many illegal immigrants have been coming into Europe? You make it sound pretty bad.

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    • It is very bad. Yes the ones I’m referring to are ILLEGAL. I myself am a legal immigrant which means I have done the proper paperwork and have my permesso di soggiono (permit to stay). I have also taken the time to learn proper Italian, local dialects, pay taxes and assimilate with the culture. While the flow from Syria has slowed, the flow from Africa has increased. There are a few (roughly 5%) who are seeking asylum. The rest are economic migrants. Almost none – I repeat – none of these economic migrants are here legally nor do they assimilate in any way. You would simply have to live here a year to understand the truth of the matter. It’s not like it’s portrayed on TV. You can find some stats from the European Union, others from sources such as France 24. However, these too are distorted. The real impact of illegal immigration in the EU has been disastrous.

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  4. How does an illegal go about getting those government benefits?


    • All they have to do is ask. Europe is quick to give them these goodies, cheered on by the NGOs that bring them here. We personally know a man from Africa who has been here 15 years with full benefits but no legal status. With all of the generosity he still panhandles in front of markets 5 days a week.


  5. No – That’s the point. ILLEGAL immigrants have rights superior to legal immigrants and citizens. Bizzarre? Absolutely!


  6. I thought the statistics in this New York Times article were relevant to your topic:

    They show that perception about immigrants may not jive with the reality.

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  7. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    From awhile ago but still true!


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